"Redgrave is always happy to be a part of any Make Him Over Entertainment events. We feel that the Make Him Over Hunt in particular is a good way to showcase our fashion line because it was first of its kind to be totally dedicated to men in SL and since then was one of the best fashion events in virtual world. It is a wonderful way to boost traffic to our store, increasing our sales, and getting our products into the hands of the consumers".

— DEAN ASHBY, Redgrave

"To join the Make Him Over Fashion Community is a great opportunity to show my products to people who are genuinely interested in living their second life with a sophisticated style. The organization of MHO events is absolutely flawless in each of details! Make Him Over Hunt is one of the events that has a high profile in Second Life and I am happy to be a part of it. Thanks to Vic!".


"The Make Him Over Hunt has been an excellent way to bring the Akeyo brand to more people who want quality animations at low prices. The number of visitors to our flagship store has gone through the roof with many of them joining Akeyo update group on their own to receive periodical gifts and notices of new releases. Whenever there is a MHO event, Akeyo will be there!".


"The people who manage the Make Him Over Entertainment have done an excellent job! I think that the success of it is testament to the hard work that the MHOE team has put towards making its events prosperous and fun for all of its participants. Even after the efforts made by others to intimidate and destroy the MHOE’s progress, it is still going! My thanks to Vic Zuzu and his team for allowing me to be a part of it".

— ZEERYA PYRITHEA, Zeery Color Couture

"The day the doors of VanGuard unofficially opened was pretty much the same day the Make Him Over Hunt started. Our team couldn't resist the chance to be in it! We immediately saw a surge in traffic and were pleased to welcome the MHOH hunters get their VanGuard gifts and show them our new store. Vic Zuzu is clearly a professional organized and kind! We look forward to participate in future Make Him Over Hunts for sure!".

— DYCE PARX, VanGuard

"MHOH is classified by many including the Second Life Destination Guide one of the best SL Hunts and I totaly support it. It is a great way for designers to show male clients our sincere concernings about Male fashion in SL, giving away quality gifts. In return MHOH gives us designers the opportunity to showcase our brands and consequently to increase our traffic and sales. I want to say many thanks to Vic Zuzu for his professionalism and organization".

— MIMOSA DEVIN, Shapes by Mim

"It has been a pleasure for Kamrek Creations to participate in the Make Him Over Hunt presented by Vic Zuzu. This hunt has helped us to increase sales, boost traffic and exposure of our store. It has been a nice experience since the beginning when I contacted Vic Zuzu, who has been available every time I needed to contact him. I am sure that MHOH is one of the best hunts in SL! I'm looking forward to participate on the next event!".

— ZAREK AVEDON, Kamrek Creations

"Back when we were looking for hunts to get in touch with gentlemen, I found the MHOH, but I thought we were not known enough to join. I got a big surprise when Vic Zuzu contacted me and asked if I'd like to join! OF COURSE!!! And now I'm really proud I did, the hunt is a total success its boosting our daily traffic and makes our store known among male population all over SL! Thank you Vic and thank you Make Him Over Entertainment!".


"Make Him Over Entertainment represents many incredible opportunities for both merchants and customers. I have been lucky enough to have participated in the MHOH almost every year since it started and have enjoyed it tremendously. The attention to detail of Vic Zuzu make things run smoother for everyone. Designers, you will not regret being a part of the Make Him Over Hunt. Hunters, it is a great way to receive quality outfits for free while having fun!".

— THALIA TAL, Thalia's Fashion

"Since the early days me and my team are followers of the Make Him Over Entertainment. We are pleased to be a part of its community and events. Quality, team spirit, the interest and knowledge! These are enough to explain the activity of Vic Zuzu and his team. I am very glad I am in the Make Him Over community and wish everybody do the same if they want to see professional organization!".


"The menswear department at DragonLady's Closet has grown so much from the small area we first started with just a year ago that I was awaiting the next MHO Hunt. When Vic accepted us I was absolutely thrilled! Traffic and new customers numbers increased dramatically and now we are planning an expansion! This is clearly THE BEST menswear hunt in SL, and working with Vic Zuzu has been fabulous. Thank you Vic, for having us and being so organized and pleasant to work with".

— DRAGONLADY MAJESTIC, DragonLady's Closet

"I was thrilled to join the Make Him Over Hunt Community. Being a younger designer in SL I was a bit hesitant, but Vic Zuzu has been very gracious to me. His kindness and generosity has stretched to many SL users including myself and for that I am thankful! The MHO Hunt has indeed brought many new clients to my business. It was a great business decision, with growing opportunities, and I will defintely be more than willing to continue to be a collabrative designer for MHOE!".

— ASHLYNN LARIMORE, House of Draven

"I define myself as a veteran of Make Him Over since, either as simple hunter and participating store owner, I took part in all of them from the first edition. I am so glad that Vic Zuzu decided to maintain alive the spirit of it taking on his shoulders all the responsibility and the big work behind an important hunt like this. Despite the difficulties of leading such an important event all of a sudden and the ostility of envious people trying to stand in the way, I think Vic made a gorgeous job!".

— ALAIR CORTES, Pocket Mirrors

"I personally want to thank each and everyone for joining MHOH and making it a quite successful one. I'd like to also thank Viz Zuzu for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Make Him Over Hunt. When I got the notecard talking about the invitation I literally screamed and was jumping up and down on my bed to think me! ME! I was getting invited to one to the most successful and popular hunt groups in SL! Thank you and I hope to join next hunt".


"I had heard the MHO Hunt is one of the best and biggest in SL for the men. So, when Vic contacted me to join I jumped at that chance as I knew it was an opportunity to gain more exposure for my business. Thank goodness I did it! My traffic numbers are up by at least a thousand daily and even better, my sales are up!  I'm elated with the results. Lastly, I want to note how easy it has been to work with Vic Zuzu. He's accommodating, organized, helpful and just a decent guy".

— LEXI ROXAN, Dressed by Lexi

"It was a pleasure for Vero Modero to participate in the hunt. MHO Hunt is a good opportunity to showcase our brand, our traffic increase and our sales too. It's really helped promote our brand, our Men's fashion line. Thanks Vic Zuzu for having us and being so organized and professional to work with. Thanks to all the people who visited and still visit our store. We look forward to participate in future Make Him Over Hunts and events for sure".

— BOUQUET BABII, Vero Modero

"Venus has been involved in several Make Him Over events and every one of them has been very successful for us with many of the customers that visit our store. Its one of the best ways to get exposure for your business and new customers in your door. During a MHO Hunt I always notice an increase in sales and have recieved notes from hunters thanking me for the hunt gift which is always nice to hear. Vic Zuzu is a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating and friendly".