MHOH7 by Boniefacio

The Make Him Over Hunt is still going on until 15 July and there is a lot of nice and great creations out there, from some great designers. People might ask, how do you get the haircolour? Well it's easy if you know how to adjust and edit the item. A few steps: 1. Go to your inventory, click worn and search for you hair/item. 2. Right click on the name and chose "Edit". 3. The edit screen will pop up and chose textures tab. 4. Chose the color and then just browse through the colors to change your haircolour. I hope I could help you in anyway, be aware this only works when your item is modify. When your item is no copy, please make a copy first so if you mess up the item you always have the original.

Necklace : K!NG - K!NG Steel Necklace - #25
Tattoo : Tattoo Art - Lotus Soft 2 - #70
Pants : INK NO.8 MESHFACTORY - Dungarees Pants Ink. No.8Factory - #44
Shoes : Latreia - Latreia - Sive Blackbrown L - #38