Dear friends! We are very glad to present to you our new project - GayStuff! It is the first community for sensual gay fashion and style in Second Life!

Using the same symbolism that has become so successfully associated with MHO family of fashion groups and hunts, the double astrological sign for Mars was chosen to symbolise GayStuff, and to help identify those designers who are supportive of the GayStuff concept and its ability to bring gay community together.

We believe that it is unfair when designers create and promote sensual and leather stuff, special silk & underwear, special furniture and different kinds of equipment and attachments for gay people are not fully represented on a fashion market. Also many fashion groups may be embarassed to represent them as well. Meanwhile they make the secret fantasies of thousands of people around the world come true!

We invite all designers who would like to be part of our new project to fill up our application and send it to Vic Zuzu. We also invite bloggers to repost this new initiative and help spread the word.

Join our group inworld: