Dear friends! We are happy and proud to announce the official finish of the Make Him Over Hunt 6, biggest mens hunt of the 2011 year with 170 stores and more than 6.400 active hunters! During the hunt our community group grew up to the amazing amount of 8.850 members! 

We would like to thank all Make Him Over designers who made a great effort and spend a lot of time in order to bring high quality gifts to the hunters absolutely free!

We would like to thank all those bloggers and photographers who spread the word about the hunt and the stunning quality of the hunt gifts!

We would like to thank designers, models and members who took part in our advertising campaign! Thank you guys, you are fabulous!

We would like to say many thanks to each of our 8.850 members for their huge support!

Thank you all for this wonderful month we spend together!

Sincerely yours,
Make Him Over team.