Hey guys! Live concert and after party were just amazing! We gathered at least 200 people for the MHOH6 four hours opening event! You can read a couple of impressions from people who visited it:

"I got invited by Vic Zuzu to come to the MHO Hunt 6 Party with many other Hunters and Designers. After a very enthousiastic welcome, I walked over a Red Carpet into a fabulous decorated hall straight on to the dancefloor, and heard this amazing Voice shall through the air. NIKITA AND THE NIGHTMARES entered the stage for a fully 2 hours, and rocked the house! Awesome people and lot of fun, dancing and great Music! I truly can say I had a great night".

Jshawn Thirdborn,

"Vic Zuzu, our great MHOH HUNT owner and managing director invited us for a party! I was there and when I entered the great dance hall I saw a lot of people dancing in front of the stage of a great performer and singer Nikita with her band. The songs were so beautiful and everybody in the audiance were dancing on the great tunes. I enjoyed her concert very much and met a lot of guys doing the Hunt. Thanks to Vic I had a great afternoon and I enjoy the Hunt very much!".

Yanneck Docherty,

"Loved the MAKE HIM OVER PARTY last night! OMG the performance of NIKITA was amazing! What a voice! We had so much fun, dancing! :) Unfortunately I couldn't stay long at the party with the DJ, his tunes were so hot! Thanks Vic, for the invitation! :-)".

Mimi Juneau,

"This MHOH keeps giving me both satisfaction and excitement. I guess it's my first great hunt I join as  a designer, and it's a strange new sensation to be on the other side of the hunt! Yesterday, after the usual work of designing/testing, my eye was caught in the 'so familiar MHOH group chat popup' by the Vic's invitation to the concert.  No hesitation, I jumped there, it's a pleasure to back to that sim, it's designed with care, with that black & gold colours as a trademark. In the club area fine music spinning, funny people, friendly feeling. I did enjoy the time I was there! Keep up the good work Vic! ;)".

Iantonio Vyper,

"I have attended to the concert of Nikita & The Nightmares and she sang really good LIVE and the arrangment and music were among the best in SL so far. What a start of the hunt! Not to mention the hunt itself is amazing! Meeting many people who helps each other out. The party after the concert was great! Sploderfun, happy people, nice hosting by Vic and great tunes by the DJ Chaos. It was a splendid evening! I am looking forward to a party of the soon to come hunt "Make Home Over" ^^ YAY!".

Andysweden Resident,

"I was invited to visit MHOH6 Live concert, usually I dont like to attend such events because everytime I am very dissapointed of vocalists taking part in it, but this time I was surprised by beautiful and strong voice of Nikita, whois manner of singing unlike many others in SL. Thanks Vic!".

Oliviah Parx,

We would like to thank our Gold Sponsors: Vero Modero, Legal Insanity, Elygo and Abiss, for their huge support!