MAKE HIM OVER HUNT 6 (07/20/11 - 08/20/11)

Please welcome, todays face of the Make Him Over is Ramses Meredith.

And here is his story: "Hey there!  I am Ramses and I am 34 years old.  I came to Second Life in 2008 seeking to learn new 3D software. I own several companies related to design,  information, and business assistance.  I enjoy  learning how to create items in Second Life and how to enhance textures.  I love to experiment and I also enjoy  interacting with Second Life residents. Second Life is a great platform for socializing and meeting wonderful people.  I have met a lot of nice people and I am still in touch with many of them.  Some are even my close friends in RL .  I have also seen many relationships  move from Second Life to real life.  It has shown me that anything is possible in SL. I like hunts because i love to tease my customers by hiding my gifts in strange locations on the sim and forcing them to find them using only the hints i give them.  ^^ Just one".


If you are a designer and would like to join Make Him Over Hunt 6, please fill up the first application and send it to Vic Zuzu.