MAKE HIM OVER HUNT 6 (07/20/11 - 08/20/11)

Please welcome, todays face of the Make Him Over is Kaan Kuhn. 

And here is his story: "Hello all! I guess, Second Life is a getaway option from real life issues for me. As a real life photographer and editor, Second Life gave me an option to be a virtual photographer as well. This is my first experience in the Make Him Over hunt. It's very nice to be a part of this. Like many others, I like shopping here. I know many designers, really good designers, but my style is very casual and I tend toward simple outfits like t-shirts and jeans. Photography is a passion for me. I am looking for realistic views in my style. I don't need fairy tales in my virtual world. Thank you!".
If you are a designer and would like to join Make Him Over Hunt 6, please fill up the first application and send it to Vic Zuzu.