MAKE HIM OVER HUNT 6 (07/20/11 - 08/20/11)

Please welcome, todays face of the Make Him Over is CBR Engineer.

And here is his story: "I came from a simple family in RL. Since my father was a mechanic, my dream was always to be a Motorcycle Engineer to design and customize bikes. But it did not happen. I started to work very early as many boys do in Brazil. I was working hard at various jobs, but the most rewarding were the ones where I could bring my love to bikes, delivering documents and parcels along famous places like Paulista Avenue, and speeding through the roads like Castelo Branco road. I ended up working in an office. But, I never forgot the smell of the road and the passion I felt for it. Experiencing Second Life has ignited the same passionate feeling. I thought Second Life was just another game; I choose the name CBR because of the sport bike "Honda CBR". It was the bike of my dreams when I was young, and my friends use to call me "CBR" because I would never have that bike. I get passionate about the game, the graphics, the quality and perfect dynamics of bikes, and I have met some awesome biker communites. One day I was walking through a shopping mall called Mimi´s Choice and some avatars are modeling there, so I went and asked the owner about modeling. Three days later I talked with her manager, and Mimi invited me for an interview and hired me. That's how I got in the Second Life fashion world. Now i can say, I really like to meet customers, feel their needs, to know all the creators, the groups, the magazines. And the most important thing, getting involved with in fashion in SL is making me a more self-aware and well-dressed man in RL".
If you are a designer and would like to join Make Him Over Hunt 6, please fill up the first application and send it to Vic Zuzu.