Make Her Over

Dear Friends! We are pleased to announce the latest additon to the MHO family, the Make HER Over fashion group - this group is created to bring together lovers of female and unisex fashion in Second life and of course the Make HER Over hunt, or MHOH.

Following on the success of Make Him Over, we hope Make Her Over will be a wonderful opportunity for designers of female couture to promote their creations and brands, and for fashion lovers to access leading edge high quality female and unisex fashion. Using the same symbolism that has become so successfully associated with Make Him Over, the astrological sign for Venus was chosen to symbolise Make Her Over, and to help identify those designers who are supportive of the MHO concept and its ability to bring designers and fashion buyers together. We invite all designers who would like to be part of this new initiative to make contact with Vic Zuzu. We also invite bloggers to repost this new initiaitve and help spread the word.

The Make Her Over blog can be found here:

Join the group: secondlife:///app/group/fb33e477-aa69-7064-10a6-b367a1168984/about

We look forward to you joining with us on this next part of the MHO journey.