First Make Him Over Headquarters

Yay! At last on the 2 of april we opened first Make Him Over Headquarters! =) We organized huge 7 hours opening event for our members, that was include 4 hours of awesome music by Dj Red and Dj Folly, live concert by Phemie Alcott and awesome performance of Nikita and The Hightmares band! Plus lights show by Gordon Petrovic from Purple Haze club! During the event more than 200 guests visited our HQ! So here is how the HQ looks like:

If you would like to see more pictures of the Headquarters and from the opening event, please visit our official group at Flickr. =) And of course dont forget to visit HQ to see all by yourself! =) We would like to thank Bouquet Babii for her huge support and help in making these pictures! Also we would like to thank all people who participated in the event: guests, Djs, singers, sponsors, designers and other people who made our dream to have HQ come true! Thank you guys!