"Well I personally want to thank each and everyone for joining this hunt and making it a quite successful one. Although some made it a bit hard to find their hunt items, maybe next time they will get it right :). I'd like to also thank Viz Zuzu for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Make Him Over hunt. When I got the notecard talking about the invitation I literally screamed and was jumping up and down on my bed to think me! ME! I was getting invited to one to the most successful and popular hunt groups in SL! This hunt is one of the best because there are limited supplies to male avatars and this helps them to find stores they may never heard of before! And I am very greatful because this hunt got my store to be recognized not only by male avatars but female and furry avatars as well. Thank you and I hope to join next hunt".

Azaliatsutsuji Bosatsu,
{PHRESH} Owner.