Lepidoptera Necklace Kiss

Lepidoptera Necklace Kiss is a simple add-on to our poses and animations offered as a bonus. Buying our product you are provided with our Moon Butterfly as the necklace. However, you can move the script to another prim attached to your avatar if you like. The script triggers the kiss face animation if object is touched. Simply wear the necklace or modify your prim as you wish, and then attach it anywhere to your avatar. First touch turns the kissing animation ON, the next one OFF. The status is whispered on the local chat. Animation can be turned ON by yourself or by your partner, but also by anyone else. To avoid unwanted surprises we recommend to use our necklace or to keep the triggering prim small or invisible. You can use any other popular emotioner to start the kissing animation however, please note that our kissing looks natural. Your lips move in random periods, sometimes with a gentle move, sometimes stronger as in reality. :) Using our necklace you don't look like a fish or a robot with your mouth controlled automatically every 5 seconds.


- Some of our customers complained that the chain is too short for their muscular/busty shapes. So we decided to give you the new option.. now the necklace is fully modifiable. You can fit it to your shape as you wish.

- New version is available where you can edit your animation status messages using attached notecard. So now you can get the messages in a manner as you like or in your own language.


- you want to have possibility to edit your messages = edit and keep the notecard in one prim together with the script. Notecard's name MUST be "kiss messages".

- you don't want any disturbing spam in chat = leave message lines or even whole notecard empty but the notecard itself MUST remain.

- you don't care about all of this, default messages are good enough = rename or remove the notecard.

Just click and kiss!

It is now available for free in tle lucky letter board.

Enjoy! :)
Muza Waco & Lilray Honig.