That's right guys! :D The contest you all have been waiting for! We are searching for the King of our Hunt!

Entering is easy, just send Vic Zuzu TWO same pictures of your avatar, created with gifts from the Make Him Over Hunt 5 until 20 of january! Create your avatar with as many items from the hunt as possible, the more you have the better your chances of winning!

You can use Photoshop and everything you want to edit the picture, you can ask others to make a picture for you and do whatever you need for the picture!

The FIRST picture (size: 579x579 pixels) send to Vic at for the blog! Yeah! We will blog each of you with information about yourself!

The SECOND full-perm picture (size: 512x512 pixels) send to him in-world in a notecard including the information about yourself (biography and the list of stuff you use on your avi with landmarks of the stores). Notecards without information about participant will be disqualified.

His future Majesty will receive 10,000 L$ cash and a CAR - DB Stylus v. 1.2!

It's a fantastic car that includes: 9 colours of exterior and interior (black, red, yellow, silver, blue, green, orange, pink and white), different modifications (with and without roof, with or without spoiler), and 9 rims for the wheels, head and tail lights. You can use this car for formal occassions or to go with friends on a picnic near the beach!

The procedure of the contest is simple! We will gather all pictures of the participants and display them for public voting to find 3 best pictures. In addition, a panel of 10 professional judges, headed by none other than diva Mimmi Boa* herself as chairperson, will choose 3 pictures. In total there will be 6 finalists, each of whom will receive a special prize! The winner will be chosen by Mimmi Boa herself!

At the end of the contest, all finalists will appear on the great event where we will announce the King of Hunters!

We would like to thank our Gold Sponsors - Egoism™ and DB Motors for their huge support!  We greatly appreciate our sponsors: Abudantia, Balani, Colors, DragonLady's Closet, K Cartaul Design, Leather Bound, Limit and Disaster, Pocket Mirrors, Souled Out and VERO MODERO  (in alphabetical order).

Many thanks to Suzie Mynx, who agreed to model for the poster! 

* Mimmi Boa, Miss Virtual World 2009, one of the Top 10 Most Elegant Women in SL (under the version of the Best of SL magazine), Miss Bliss 2010, 2008/2009 Nominee of the Best Model of  the year contest, Miss Virtual World academy executive, Owner of the Evane model agency and Mimmi Boa modelling academy + SWMB (Salwo Waydelich and Mimmi Boa) fashion productions.