Lepidoptera - Promo! 2 x cuddle mermaid animation!

This is a PROMO and you pay for 1 animation and get 2! 

Two versions of Mrrroyal1 in the price of one. These mermaid animations are made for fans of underwater creatures. As you can see in the picture, a mermaid and merman are enjoying their moments together.. The animations don't spoil the beauty of underwater surroundings, as it is put in nice fish instead of normal balls. Moreover, they dissappear after sitting on them. Our animations have been created by the couple in love... sharing with you a piece of everyday happiness we experience being together, cuddles, lovers poses, couple animations, intimate relations, hot feelings, sensual touching, soft sex and more! We don't use any professional equipment to make our products. We just try to manifest our affection, feelings and emotions, so we call our technology of creation: EMOTION CAPTURE. Just try it and be happy as we are! The entire animation is looped and fully synchronized for both partners.


Our animations use the Perfect Sitter system, that enables individual avatar do adjust their position as they wish. To turn the adjustment menu on simply type /1a in the local chat. Adjustment Menu enables you to correct your avatar position and rotation while sitting: it will remember the custom settings of at least 50 most frequent users who have done it with every pose! Perfect for any shape even if you are extremely tall as a lot avatars in SL. ;)


The animation has a built-in kissing expression. This is not just a standard SL "express_kiss". This is a full face animation with natural lips movements. Our kissing looks natural. Your lips move in random periods, sometimes with a gentle move, sometimes stronger as in reality! :) In this animation you don't look like a fish or a robot with your mouth triggered to smack automatically every 5 seconds. Come and check it in world

Enjoy! :)
Muza Waco & Lilray Honig.