Ti-Amo Tuxedo and a gift at G&T Creations

Ofcourse we dont forget the men in SL! We released Ti Amo male tuxedo jaquard patern with a classic vintage look but thats not all, this tuxedo has 5 styles jacket bottoms with diffrent textures as inlay, 2 type flex tails, 3 styles collar, with lace, cravat or flexi tie, 2 diffrent style sleeves, wear with or withouth lace or just use plane if you prefer that more. A perfect match with your lady in her Ti-amo dress! And our gift for guys - a nice pair of black shoes with buckle to use with this tuxedo. Available at our main store in front of the male model in the groupgift box. Usually they are for sale but not for the guys who want them as a gift! ;) Go go and get them today before its gone again. Visit our store!