MAKE HIM OVER HUNT 5 (20/11/10 - 20/12/10)

Dear members, designers and visitors!

We officially start to count days to the beggining of the MAKE HIM OVER HUNT 5!

START: 20/11/10
END: 20/12/10

Each day before the hunt we will post on the blog and send away through the group the new AD with a face of 20 people: members of MHO group, models, designers, officers and others, who support the idea of Make Him Over II! You can find these ADs only at the authorized stores of Make Him Over.

We invite more designers who can offer male or unisex stuff to take part of the new hunt!

Dear bloggers, please repost this message to support Make Him Over Hunt! Thank you!

Please welcome, todays face of Make Him Over is Adam Linden.