Dressed by Lexi about MHOH

"I had heard the MHO Hunt is one of the best and biggest in SL for the men. So, when Vic contacted me to join I jumped at that chance as I knew it was an opportunity to gain more exposure for my Dressed by Lexi business. Thank goodness I did it! My traffic numbers are up by at least a thousand daily and even better, my sales are up!  I'm elated with the results. I also chose to pay the advertising cost as many people use the hunt blog to find their way through the hunt.  My logo clearly sits on the side of the site for all to see. Lastly, I want to note how easy it has been to work with Vic Zuzu. He's accommodating, organized, helpful and just a decent guy who is offering us merchants an incredible opportunity. I'll definitely continue to participate in every future MHO Hunt".

With the best wishes,
Lexi Roxan,
Designer of Dressed by Lexi.